Norwood News Job Description

Job Description: Intern News Reporter Posting

The Norwood News has openings for interns to report for the newspaper.

The intern reporter will contribute news articles to the Norwood News, writing community-based stories that focus on the northwest Bronx.

He or she will answer directly to the editor-in-chief of the Norwood News, pitching, writing and taking photographs pertaining to their news stories. They will also have to attend meetings that are scheduled in advance.

The job involves regular getting in touch with community leaders, learning about the issues pertaining to the northwest Bronx and sharpening ones writing abilities.

A set of writing clips is a plus, but not mandatory.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that stories written for the newspaper conform to the highest standards Norwood News strives.
  • Ensuring deadlines as prescribed by the editor-in-chief are met
  • Producing copy that is free of intentional bias or opinion
  • Working with the editor-in-chief to upload and update stories to the Norwood News website
  • Utilizing social media channels to enhance the Norwood News online presence
  • Answering phones, preparing newspaper for distribution and other limited clerical tasks
  • Arriving to work on time and dressed appropriately

Requirements include:

  • Sound news judgment and a willingness to refine it
  • Fluency in Associated Press style
  • Cooperation with colleagues in the newsroom
  • Professional representation of the Norwood News
  • Required Work hours: 9am to 5pm, or adjusted schedule depending on a scheduled meeting
  • A willingness to deal with job-related emails and phone calls when away from the office
  • A cool head when things get hot

Company Information: The Norwood News is a nonprofit newspaper overseen by the Mosholu Preservation Corporation, dedicated to providing community news and happenings in the northwest Bronx and its surrounding neighborhoods. The Norwood News also includes It is known throughout the borough for its quality work and storytelling rooted in civic engagement.

Prospective interns can email the editor-in-chief, David Cruz, at or call 718-324-4998.