Be Healthy: Monte Grant to Help Streamline Access to Children’s Behavioral Therapies

Vital Stats: 35K – Number of children served by the Healthy Steps Program (Source: Montefiore Health System)  For parents of developmentally delayed children, time is critical for improving their child’s outcome. But accessing behavioral therapies can be a slow and complicated process, posing a problem for children aged 3 to 5 whose developmental stalls can go overlooked. But a pilot program by Montefiore Health System, set to launch in a few weeks, looks to streamline the process, thanks to a $70,000 grant it received from the United Hospital Fund. Partnerships for Early Childhood Development, as the pilot program is called, intends

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Be Healthy: Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Highlights Importance of Getting Checked

Vital Stats: 2M Number of U.S. citizens age 65 and older suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (Source: Alzheimer’s Foundation) With 15 percent of Bronx residents 65 and older, and a population that’s living longer, Montefiore Health System is preparing for what it’s dubbed a “looming crisis” in the number of impending sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease. “When the first wave of baby boomers reach age 85, which is about 2031, there’s going to be more than 3 million people age 85 and older with Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Jessica Zwerling, associate director of neurology at Montefiore’s Center for the Aging Brain in Yonkers. Alzheimer’s

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Tour de Bronx Puts Pedal to the Metal Oct. 25

Vital Stats: 7K – Number of cyclists expected at Tour de Bronx (Source: Bronx Borough President’s Office) The borough’s biggest tourism event of the year is on the way, when more than 7,000 bicyclists will hit the borough’s streets. The 21st Annual Tour de Bronx is scheduled for Oct. 25. Established in 1994 by Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer and The Bronx Tourism Council as a way to promote health, eco-friendly transportation and tourism, the event is now a highly anticipated fall tradition in the region.  Cyclists from the Bronx and beyond have a chance to meander through scenic neighborhoods, and pass by the borough’s

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Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

The digital edition of the Norwood News is back from production break to bring you our latest edition, with plenty of community news you can use. If you want to grab a hold of the edition, just stop by the 300 local offices, restaurants and stores that carry our award-winning newspaper. We first take a pause to ask you: Have you noticed a change in the website?!? This past weekend the Norwood News shed its familiar blog-style website for a more upgraded site with mobile capabilities. Yes, it’s mobile. So you can take the Norwood News anywhere you go. Though new features

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Digital Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

by David Cruz The latest digital edition of the Norwood News is now available to read and share with your friends. Check it out via your smartphone or the convenience of your home. Our second edition of the year features surprising news from developer Mark Stagg, owner of The Stagg Group. The cat was let out of the bag this week when we learned the large-scale developer recently  purchased a trio of new properties along Webster Avenue, complementing the other three Stagg properties slated to open. Find out which deeds Stagg took over along the burgeoning corridor The Stagg Group has purchased

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Digital Edition of the Norwood News Is Out!

by David Cruz  The latest edition of the Norwood News is out, only this time we’re bringing the digital publication a day early for the techno savvy to digest. In here you’ll find twenty pages filled with neighborhood news you can use, touching on stories impacting Norwood and beyond. First we begin locally with community outrage over the lack of notice in several park benches to be removed, begging the question: how much notice does the city Parks Department give when beginning maintenance projects? Find out in our top story. Moving into the inner pages, you’ll find stories on a plan

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Be Healthy – A Symposium on Sleep

      Vital Stats: 33% — How much a person’s life is dedicated to sleep By DAVID CRUZ Whether one is a morning person or a night owl, proper sleep is what the doctor orders. Should even several hours be missed, particularly for night shift employees, the results can be fatal.
        Bronx to Lace Up Its Shoes for the Annual B’N Fit Walk By PAOLO MOSSETTI It’s time for our kids to drop that remote and start running! The Bronx Nutrition and Fitness Initiative for Teens (B’N Fit) has just announced the Annual Teen and Community Walk, and their website is open for registration.
        Vital Stats: An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from all types of allergies. Source: Montefiore Medical Center By the Norwood News As winter ends and spring begins, folks may want to get out of the house to take a stroll about leafy East Mosholu Parkway or Van Cortlandt Park. But spring equals allergy season, resulting in symptoms ranging from itchy eyes, nose and throat, to sneezing or runny nose.