Afternoon Fire Breaks Out at Historic Bronx Theater

A daycare center was evacuated when a fire broke out at the Loew’s Paradise Theater, an iconic historic theather on the Grand Concourse, just south of Fordham Road. (Photo by Diana Perez)
Firefighters are continuing to monitor a fire that broke out this afternoon at the historic Loew’s Paradise Theater on the Grand Concourse. While the blaze is mostly under control, fire officials say they want to make sure it isn’t still roaming inside the theater’s walls. A daycare center located on the theater’s second floor was evacuated. At least one emergency medical technician suffered an injury during the investigation. Aixa Cruz, a worker from the daycare center, said she thought the fire started above the daycare center near a heater. Fire officials say they believe it might have been an electrical fire.
–Reporting by Danilka Infante

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One thought on “Afternoon Fire Breaks Out at Historic Bronx Theater

  1. jessie pena

    It was not electrical it was a welders spark that went into the duct system and made it smoke. All daycare children were safely evacuated and daycare was not affected. It was in the theater and contained to that area.There are no heaters in daycare there is a central system.

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