Hearing Tonight a Chance for MS 80 Community to Have Voice

The Department of Education is holding a hearing tonight at JHS 80 (commonly called MS 80), so the school’s community — parents, students, faculty, local residents, alumni, etc. — can weigh-in about the DOE’s decision to designate MS 80 for the federal turnaround program, which would essentially close the school and re-open it with a dramatically different administration, faculty and programming.  Read more about what’s going at MS 80 here and here.

The hearing is tonight, Monday, April 16, at 6 p.m. at MS 80, 149 E. Mosholu Parkway N., inside the school’s auditorium. It is expected to last three hours. After tonight’s hearing, the fate of the school will be determined at a Panel for Education Policy meeting next month in Brooklyn. The PEP rarely votes against a DOE-backed re-organization or closure plan.

The school’s principal since 2004, Lovey Mazique-Rivera, was fired last month as part of the coming transformation. Last week, the Daily News reported that in the next few weeks, the DOE is planning to replace the interim principal, Lauren Reiss. In the article, celebrities who attended the school were listed, including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Penny Marshall. Marshall, actor/director and star of “Laverne and Shirely,” said she still had her yearbook from MS 80. “It was a big part of my life,” she told the Daily News from her home in California. “Public schools in New York were great back then.”

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One thought on “Hearing Tonight a Chance for MS 80 Community to Have Voice

  1. Ngina Blakeney

    I used to live at least one block away from that school and I’m proud to say that it offered a great deal of programs both after school and weekend activities

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