Two Injured In Concourse Bus Crash

An EMS paramedic examines one of two victims removed from the damaged auto. (Photo by David Greene)

A Friday afternoon crash on the Grand Concourse, involving a city bus and a regular-sized sedan, left two people injured. Members of the Fire Department removed the two injured passengers of the sedan after a BX 1 bus struck their vehicle at the intersection of the Grand Concourse and East 204 Street at about 3:30 p.m., on Friday, Feb. 10. The victims were removed by members of Ladder 37 and transported to St. Barnabas Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. None of the two dozen passengers of the bus were injured.

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One thought on “Two Injured In Concourse Bus Crash

  1. EH

    This is a terrible intersection, accidents are always happening here. Drivers jump the light, change lanes and make illegal turns. I saw the accident happen from my window and the driver of the car was in the middle of the intersection when the light changes.
    A turning light is needed at this corner, Plus what was the bus doing in the center lane?

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