Bronx New School Parents Unite for Strategy Session

Parents of past and present students of PS 51, the Bronx New School, which was housed in a highly toxic Bedford Park building for two decades before moving this past summer, are coming together tonight to discuss a strategy going forward as they look to keep pressure on the Department of Education.

Following the discovery of cancer-causing toxins at the school’s building early in 2011, the parents, who have formed a group called PS 51 Parents United, say the DOE has been unresponsive to their demands for the agency to come up with a way to track students’ health-related problems.

Tonight, they are meeting at the Concourse House, 2751 Grand Concourse, at 6:30 p.m. to start strategizing. All parents whose children might have been affected are encouraged to come. A representative for the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest will be on hand to help the group discuss their options. Two of the parents involved, Adaline Walker-Santiago and Helene Hartman-Kutnowsky, are members of Community Board 7 and can be reached through the board office, (718) 933-5650.

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