Parks Department Worker Charged in Doll Hanging

After a 3-week long investigation by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, police have arrested an employee with the Department of Parks and Recreation who allegedly hung a doll at the Parks Department’s Bronx headquarters on Bronx Park East.

A photo of the doll found at Parks Department headquarters on Bronx Park East. (Courtesy of the NYC Parks Advocates)

Police were called to the site on Tuesday, December 20, after workers discovered a black doll hanging from its neck by a metal chain, inside a fenced-off area, but was clearly in public view. A photo was taken and quickly distributed to media outlets by the group New York City Park Advocates.

Last Thursday, the NYPD announced the arrest of Fariz Ahmemulic, described as a 38-year-old white male, charging him with aggravated harassment and aggravated harassment as a hate crime. He was released without bail.

Repeated attempts to reach Ahmemulic, believed to be a resident of Morris Park, were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the Parks Department has suspended Ahmemulic without pay and the worker who discovered the doll has served the city with court papers notifying the city he plans to sue for, “emotional distress.”

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One thought on “Parks Department Worker Charged in Doll Hanging

  1. Pastor Bob Rainis

    This is a most unfortunate act of stupidity based upon ignorance and the offender should be dealt with by his employer, the NYC Dept of Parks. Certainly a public apology, the loss of work due to a suspension and mandatory sensitivity training is in order.
    What also concerns me is that according to the info supplied in this article and attributed to the NYPD is the race of the arrestee. Now, I don’t think that placing a persons race in a physical description is wrong, indeed it is most helpful and yet there appears to be a double standard. Routinely, TV and other media would describe even the most violent criminal wanted in connection with a crime, absent his/her race.
    Sometimes, race is used to sensationalize or heighten sterotypes and foster intolerance. The name of the arrestee was given a FARIZ and it was noted he was “white”. In nearly sixty years I never met a white dude named FARIZ. Wait, could it be that “race” had to be different from that of the doll in order for it to have been considered a ‘hate crime”…….oh……my bad….

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