Comptroller Visits BCC, Highlights Bronx Unemployment Woes

Last week, City Comptroller took a little mini-tour of the Bronx. Above, you can see video of his exchange with Bronx Community College Student Body President Tricia Warren during which he briefly discusses the economy, President Barack Obama’s jobs bill, and the Tea Party.

Liu, who was joined by State Assemblyman Nelson Castro at BCC, also visited the Morris Heights Senior Center and the South Bronx Job Corps Center.

Since that visit, disturbing Bronx unemployment statistics have poured in from Liu’s office. At 13.7 percent, the unemployment rate in the Bronx is the worst of the five boroughs.

It’s also nearly three times higher than Manhattan’s unemployment rate (4.7 percent) which is back to pre-recession levels.

And when it comes to getting jobs, young people, like those at BCC, have had it the hardest. The citywide unemployment rate is 16.9 percent for people ages 16-24.

As comptroller, Liu acts as the city’s chief financial officer to ensure the city’s books are in order, and as a check and balance with City Hall. But ironically, there is doubt about the legitimacy of his last campaign’s finances. In light of recent eye-brow raising information about his campaign for comptroller 2009, like donor cards appearing for people who claimed to have never donated to his campaign, Liu said his administration was making progress on a report to explain the discrepancies.

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