Restaurant Reopens But Still Struggles

Ming Wong Chinese Restaurant, which was damaged in an Oct. 31 fire that destroyed 10 adjacent stores, is back in business at 3111 Bainbridge Ave.

But there are still obstacles to getting back to the kind of business Ming Wong enjoyed before the blaze.

“We used to have 100 customers in and out in a day and now we barely get 20,” said the owner, Young Shon, citing the problem with scaffolding that obstructs the view of the store from passers-by.

Prior to the fire, they had more than enough money to hire a delivery man. Now, Shon’s husband delivers while she handles the orders.

“I just want things to be like before. I want people to come and eat here,” Shon said.

Ed. Note: Ming Wong offers free home delivery and can be reached at (718) 881-8087.

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