Inquiring Photographer: Trump’s First Year

This week we asked readers their thoughts on how President Donald Trump’s first year in office went.

He’s done some things good and some things he’s messed up. He’s going after the pedophiles and the corrupt politicians, but he’s just as dirty as they are anyway. He’s corrupt too; all his business dealings and he doesn’t show his taxes and we don’t know anything more about him than what he’s shown. Everybody has their taxes exposed, but his are hidden. Why, I don’t know. But I prefer him over Hillary Clinton because she’s an old school politician who’s done nothing for us. The poorest people will feel the tax cut, because he’s going to cut welfare and Social Security. It’s going to help the rich people, not us. They’re going to get me for this too.
Carl Kellier

I don’t think he’s living up to the expectations and I don’t think he’s actually doing what he said he’s going to do. At the end of last year he said there would be a big tax cut and then it changed and the government shut down. What is all of that about? As far as him being a racist, I would say yes and yes. I think he’s a big liar. And I think he likes to nitpick and dwell on things he shouldn’t be dwelling on. I am very concerned for the future of the country.
Ethan Moore
Bedford Park

I believe President Trump is not a good match for our country. He puts his energy into the wrong areas. I don’t understand why we need to put so much energy to prevent immigration when there is nothing pressing about it and doing so doesn’t help society’s health. His tax law ultimately benefits the already rich, rather than the middle class or poor. His constant fight with Obamacare looks like he wants things to be his way rather than what would benefit America as a whole. And lastly, I believe he doesn’t give respect to people who are different in any way.
Anna Romanovich

He needs a little more tact and diplomacy and less posting to social media, which was not around when other great presidents were in office.
Andrew Peretti
Throggs Neck




He’s doing a decent job, he’s getting a lot of publicity, more than a lot of people ever thought he’d get. He’s in the paper, he’s making a triumph with that. You have to look at the groups and people who antagonize the president and others who are basically trying to discard him. I think the Russia investigation is bogus. They are looking for some way, some reason, to dishonor him.
Louis Valentino
Morris Park

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