Inquiring Photographer: New Year, New Laws

This week we asked readers their thoughts on several new laws that took effect in New York State on Jan. 1, which included Paid Family Leave, an income tax cut for 4.4 million New Yorkers, and a minimum wage increase to $12 for New York City residents.


Inquiring Photographer: New Year, New Laws I feel like some of these laws are good. The raise is great, but I wonder if it will raise the cost of everything else with inflation. But overall a lot of these new laws are good for the residents of New York State and the City of New York. With all the sickness and diseases going around, sometimes you need a break to help your loved ones, so the paid leave is a great idea.
Cindy Louis

Inquiring Photographer: New Year, New Laws It all sounds good. I’m about to start working this month when I turn 18, so raising the minimum wage applies to me. So that’s good that they made it law and I will be getting a certain amount of money.
Kimberly Bernal
Mt. Hope


Inquiring Photographer: New Year, New Laws I’m against the snowmobile law because people have to get around.  Snowmobiles are recreational vehicles and people have to get around when it snows. I think it’s great to get paid family leave, 12 weeks is a lot of time and workers need it. Well, if it’s underwritten it would probably be okay, and as long as the employer doesn’t get hit with all the workers getting sick at the same time.
Kristina Johnson
Pelham Parkway

Inquiring Photographer: New Year, New Laws Personally, I don’t think those laws will affect me, not anymore. While I was working, the minimum wage would have affected me. I think the family paid leave is very important. I feel very strongly for that law and I’m glad they did that. We have a lot of relatives that are elderly and we’re taking care of them. I was taking care of my mother and then my father. Since I retired a number of years ago I’ve been paying taxes, so I don’t expect a tax return. The minimum wage? I’m for it going up.
Don Lundy

Inquiring Photographer: New Year, New Laws My two kids are grown and they have good jobs so the minimum wage won’t affect them, but the paid leave sounds like a good idea. I don’t expect to see a tax cut because I get a lot of breaks. I was a construction worker back in the day. I think it’s important to raise the minimum wage, it’s a good thing. The child tax credit is a great idea, but not everyone with a child makes over $50,000 a year.
Bernie O’Sullivan
Bedford Park

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