Inquiring Photographer: New Year’s Resolutions

This week we asked readers their New Year’s resolutions and hopes and wishes for 2018.

Inquiring Photographer: New Year's ResolutionsI don’t want to be a downer for the New Year, but honestly, we have a lot of work to do. There’s a lot of corruption going on politically speaking and a lot of money that’s influencing politicians. [A]nd with the Net neutrality–the FCC voted 3-2, which means the Internet can change possibly, because all of these big Internet companies are trying to monopolize the Internet. So I hope we just focus on peace, love and more positivity because a lot of people are depressed, especially around the holidays.
Ricky Fields
Bedford Park

Inquiring Photographer: New Year's ResolutionsFor a New Year’s resolution, I think we need to do more to create economic development in the Bronx. I think that’s one of the goals for [next] year. And I think with everything going on in the world, be kind to people. Try and do more service, reach out and really try and make a difference in the community that we live in. I think that’s my goal and will continue to do that in 2018.
Joe Kelleher
Morris Park

Inquiring Photographer: New Year's ResolutionsMy New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and eat healthier. I would like to retire. It’s time for me to retire, I’ve been working too many years. I wish we could have peace and hopefully [President] Trump won’t get us into World War III.
Yolanda Roman



Inquiring Photographer: New Year's ResolutionsI hope to stay healthy, to help out others as much as I can, like those who are less fortunate, definitely. To pray that God will guide us through this mess we’re in and that he will help us out.
Frederique Roy-Moore



Inquiring Photographer: New Year's ResolutionsI haven’t thought about any New Year’s resolutions, but I just want my family to have a great New Year and hope we are blessed, and to make it through the wickedness in the world. For the Bronx in 2018, I hope there would be less crime, less violence and yes, more jobs.
Damond Bailey
Claremont Parkway


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