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This week we asked readers their thoughts about the Thanksgiving holiday (Editor’s Note: This question ran in our November 23 to December 6 edition).

Thanksgiving I spend with my family, my daughter, and it’s one of the best holidays because it’s also my birthday. I was born on Thanksgiving Day. So Thanksgiving is special to me because it’s about gratitude and about all the things to be thankful for.
Merrill Robert
Van Cortlandt Park South

I am a religious person and we’re planning a gathering at the church and we’re going to share the day with the homeless. We will prepare meals for them and we will give them a gift bag that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste and sanitary pads that will be helpful to them. I will be at the church from morning to evening, meeting the needs of these people for them to have greater hope.
Olamide Orhue

Will be here working, but we’ll go home early to be with the family. Eating turkey for sure. That’s it. We’ll be with the kids in the evening.
Jihed Quteibi
Bedford Park


I will go to my daughter Melody’s house on Long Island to celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandson who’s coming home from college, so I am very happy. I will be there with the whole family. My daughter will cook the turkey and I will enjoy that with all the grandchildren. She’s going to make potato salad and gandules (peas). I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Sonia Marinez
Van Cortlandt Heights

In my family we celebrate Thanksgiving to celebrate God for everything that he’s given us and we remember the pilgrims, the first people who celebrated Thanksgiving. To us it’s very important, that’s when the family gets together. We have pernil instead of turkey. It’s like roast pork instead of turkey. The truth is I like football a lot; I’m crazy about it. My wife watches the parade with the kids, and I watch the football.
Jesus Santana
Bronxville, NY

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