Inquiring Photographer: Sexual Harassment Claims

This week we asked readers whether an accusation or allegation of sexual harassment is enough to dismiss someone or should there be a full investigation? Are these dismissals a knee-jerk reaction or justified?

Sometimes the way that people are dismissed are sometimes based on just the immediate reactions that some people give after the accusation. I think that some of the dismissals might be justified if the person actually admits to it. I suppose then that people have a right to dismiss them if they feel uncomfortable with them or they don’t want to be associated with them. I think that a lot of the accusations tend to be sort of like hearsay and things that can’t really be proven.
Stephanie Rodriguez

I think the firings have been justified for them because they should act responsibly in the job that they have. They cannot be there exercising their power and think that it’s not going to be looked into. They need to look into it. If the person who allegedly committed the allegations confesses and says “I’m sorry,” they would not accuse themselves. I’m really not surprised these days because nothing is perfect. These things coming out helps, because now the bosses will take a look at what’s happening and train their employees to respect themselves and others.
Gwen Hunter
Bedford Park

I think that when there’s an allegation of sexual harassment, of course it needs to be investigated. You can’t just make allegations out of nothing. You need to research and really find out what’s going on. I really do think that when someone is suffering sexual harassment at their place of work, it should be taken seriously because we spend most of our time at work. You should feel safe at your workplace. There’s no way you should feel like someone is attacking you or harassing you in any type of way. It should be investigated and they can take the right actions necessary.
Alfredo Ortiz

It’s a big issue. I think they should pass stricter laws because no worker should have to feel uncomfortable or fearful, especially at the workplace. I do think sexual harassment, discrimination or any form of unjust situations should become a crime, especially in the workplace. Should they not be held accountable?
Staceyann DeLeon
Morris Park

I feel like the accused should have to step aside until the investigation is finished. That is a really huge accusation and it looks bad, both on the individual and the company if they don’t act accordingly and swiftly. So they should suspend the person until further notice. I’m not surprised at the fact that it’s happening, because people are corrupted and Hollywood is something else. The fact that there are so many being reported, is ridiculous and unforgivable.
Jonny Alexander

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