Bronx Locals Sound Off at CCRB Meeting

Bronx Locals Sound Off at Civilian Complaint Review Board
MEMBERS OF CCRB convened their monthly meeting at Bronx Community College.
Photo by Miriam Quinones

Bronx locals came to Bronx Community College on Nov. 9 to tell the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) that more Officer Friendlies are needed on the force.

The 13-member CCRB, which handles and investigates complaints made against NYPD officers, convened at the Bronx to hear concerns by residents.  Among its chief demand is a more understanding Police Department. In some instances, CCRB members heard from alleged victims of police abuse who have reported being thrown to the ground by police for no apparent reason. The CCRB has found 59 percent of complaints have to deal with officers being extremely rude to civilians.

Of the twelve precincts in the Bronx, the 44th Precinct ranks number one with the most complaints. The South Bronx precinct had 99 complaints this year. The 40th and 46th Precincts in the South and Central Bronx are not far behind, having received 91 and 87 complaints made against NYPD members stationed at each respective precinct. The 45th Precinct, covering the entire East Bronx, has the fewest number of CCRB complaints this year with 30.

Meantime, the 52nd Precinct, covering the Norwood, Bedford Park, Fordham and University Heights sections of the Bronx, has 76 complaints, landing towards the middle in terms of the number of complaints. But when it comes to cases turning out to be true, the 52nd Precinct has 23 percent of CCRB cases substantiated. That’s ten percent higher than all Bronx precincts, which saw 13 percent of CCRB cases ending with an officer facing disciplinary action.

Still, CCRB complaints have dropped significantly over the last ten years.

Additional reporting by Miriam Quinones

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