Inquiring Photographer: Fall Foliage in the Bronx

This week we asked readers the best locations to enjoy the fall foliage in the Bronx and beyond.

Inquiring Photographer: Fall Foliage in the BronxI would say by the Bronx Zoo. I also know they have a spot in Yonkers, but I’m not sure of the exact location. Also going towards Throggs Neck in some spots; there are some really nice spots along Pelham Parkway; going towards City Island is really nice. This time last year there was ice on the ground, so we get to embrace the surroundings and get to smell the trees a little bit longer and enjoy Mother Nature.
Ronald McDaniel, Throggs Neck


Inquiring Photographer: Fall Foliage in the BronxI come down through Allerton and I see the leaves changing by the Botanical Garden and coming up Mosholu Parkway North and that’s all I see right now, but it’s beautiful. It’s very beautiful, the leaves changing color. The weather is gorgeous; it’s crazy weather. We could wear shorts and it’s the end of October.
Randy Rivera
Bedford Park


Inquiring Photographer: Fall Foliage in the BronxIt’s not there yet, but it’s getting there. Yesterday I went upstate to Highland, New York, and to see all of the mountains along the highway. [T]he trees were just looking like bushes of all different colors–orange, red, green. They were all over the place, so colorful.
Patricia Montanez


Inquiring Photographer: Fall Foliage in the BronxMostly I see it when my wife and I go on the Saw Mill River Parkway and we see it’s so beautiful, all the different colors and everything, and I really enjoy it this time of year. The weather is unbelievable; we’re getting Indian summer and it’s fantastic. We starting to see a little change here in Van Cortlandt Park.
Michael Elliott


Inquiring Photographer: Fall Foliage in the BronxI recommend going to any park in the Bronx because the trees are in bloom, the leaves are turning color and the air is very crisp this time of year. It’s not only beautiful, but I think being in these surroundings is very healthy. It gives you a calmness and peace of mind.
Dave Piatnik

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