Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

The latest edition of the Norwood News, covering the Bronx, is out with plenty of community news you can use! We begin with a special report on the issue of homelessness crisis. Our reporters fanned out over the last two weeks interviewing the borough’s downtrodden and learn why they prefer the streets over a shelter. The story comes amid the city’s plan to bring more shelters to Norwood. It’s a can’t miss story by me, Aaron Mayorga,  Yara Palin, and Adi Talwar with help from Diego Barcacel Pena and Stephanie Luciano. Be sure to check out this eye-opening story and send comments our way.

Inside the 16-page paper are stories on more troubles for a building under construction on Webster Avenue, residents sounding off on a number of issues in our Letters to the Editor section, a graffiti-squashing couple sick of the quality of life issue. On page 5 take a look at details to the upcoming Fall Festival by the Jerome-Gun Hill Business Improvement District, where an estimated 5,000 people are expected to have a great time (A sidebar item relating to the BID: a commercial needs survey by the BID is being conducted through November. If you want to fill it out, go here).

We also have a heartwarming story on Norwood residents committing their time to relief efforts for Hurricane Maria victims. Hear from one volunteer and restaurateur on what exactly was collected. Also, read up on a traffic light that’s set to be installed 67 years in the making.

As usual, the regular Norwood News staples are in the fold–Inquiring Photographer, Neighborhood Notes, Out & About, and Health Check–are available for your perusal. So check out the latest edition of the Norwood News, and send comments my way at Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Until next time!

David Cruz
Editor, Norwood News

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