Inquiring Photographer: School Stabbing

Following the first killing in a New York City Public School reportedly in 25 years, we asked readers: Besides the newly installed metal detectors, what could have prevented this tragedy? 

They should have seen the situation clearly, knowing that the school didn’t have metal detectors. This kid was bullied and everybody knew about it. The school, security and police should have all gotten together, like Bob Marley said, “One Love,” because we’re all one together. I think it would have been much better if they had talked to the kid. I was bullied myself; my mother taught me how to fight, but I didn’t want to fight after school. I could have done the same thing that he did and thank God I used my head and they stopped the guys from bullying. It’s the school’s fault and the security’s fault and it’s a shame.
Bless Cruz
West Farms

Well, bullying has always been a big issue. I was one who was taunted. I can’t say I was bullied because I’m the type of person who will put my foot down after a certain point. But here in the city, the bullying and intimidation, I believe it all stems from
overcrowding in the classrooms. If the class is overcrowded, how do you get that one-on-one attention? And how do you find that kid that might need that attention? There are always telltale signs, but how you pinpoint it is the problem.
Richard Fienney
Sugar Hill (Manhattan)

This killing could have been prevented if the school was more involved and aware about what was going on and prevented the bullying. One thing they could have done was to speak out against bullying. Mediation or conflct resolution within the school could have helped. Because they had no metal detectors, the school should have had a zero-tolerance policy for fighting.
Liana Perez


I feel that in the cafeteria and throughout the school there needs to be better monitoring of [students] where bullying is not seen, like in the hallways. They need to be more alert. If they see a child being bullied, they have to do something about it. You just can’t ignore it. Parents also need to be having these conversations with their children.
Noemi Gerena
Castle Hill


I believe the teachers in the school system need to get more involved, because they have gotten to be laid back and a lot of our kids need to be heard. Some of them are bullied, some are having issues at their home with their families and these kids are
not being listened to. Back in the day they were cracking the whip, because I grew up on a check-your-nails, ruler type of environment. What is your kid doing on the Internet? Where is he at? The parents have to be involved and the teachers have to unite with the parents and together we can change our youth.
Annette C. DeJesus
West Farms

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