Inquiring Photographer: Debate of NYPD Body Cams

This week we asked readers whether it was wise of the NYPD to release body camera video of officers fatally shooting a man in the Edenwald section of the Bronx and whether it tells the whole story.

Inquiring Photographer: Debate of NYPD Body CamsI’m in favor of the body cameras and I’m glad they released the video to the public. I think the cameras tell a good part of the story. Some officers may try and block the view, but most won’t. Body cameras are an essential tool in a police officer’s toolbox.
Collie Crawford


Inquiring Photographer: Debate of NYPD Body CamsI don’t think the video showed the whole story and the officer claimed he warned him 41 times to show his hands. In such little time, how can you say 41 times to show your hands? That’s what the officer said on the news… we only heard him say it three times and why couldn’t they use the Taser on him? He was sitting on the dresser, we didn’t see him get off the dresser. All we heard was pop, pop, pop, pop, and he’s down. The cameras are very important, but you can’t turn them off, you have to leave them on. They have to make it so you can’t turn them off in the middle of an action. It is important for them to release the video, because people need to see.
Richard Parker

Inquiring Photographer: Debate of NYPD Body CamsThe body camera is really good, because sometimes the police out here do wrong and the body camera will show it and will tell the truth. It will also protect the officers. It’s good for the police to release the video so the public can see who is right. It doesn’t tell the whole story, no. You don’t see how it starts, you just see the end.
Jackie Morrison


Inquiring Photographer: Debate of NYPD Body CamsI believe in body cameras. I think they should be worn and they should have been using them a long time ago. It will only help the public to see what took place, and it also protects our police from false allegations. I don’t understand why they released the video immediately. I think it should have been examined by their superiors and then shown to the public. I did have questions about its immediate release.
Marjorie Smith
Bedford Park


Inquiring Photographer: Debate of NYPD Body CamsYeah, they warned the guy to put it [the knife] down. Their safety is on the line as well and people don’t look at that. They asked the guy to put his hands down and he didn’t, so what else could they have done? They do have Tasers. A cop’s life is very difficult and we have to put ourselves in their shoes. The video told most of the story and I agree with the cameras because they protect both sides, they should have more of them. I think it’s good they release the video, because it’s important to see what’s going on.
Julio Roldan


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