Vandals Remove Crypts at Woodlawn Cemetery

Vandals Remove Crypts at Woodlawn Cemetery
INVESTIGATORS SEEN NEAR the mausoleum where the crypts were taken.
Photo by David Cruz

So much for resting in peace.

Cops are looking for a couple of crooks who robbed a half-dozen caskets out of a mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Officials told the Daily News and New York Post the discovery was made today at around 1:30 p.m. It’s unclear why the unopened crypts were removed, but police are treating it as a burglary. Investigators were seen standing near the mausoleum where the disturbance happened.

Woodlawn Cemetery is the enormous final resting place for many famous New Yorkers, including famed urban planner Robert Moses, newspaper legend Joseph Pulitzer, and music icon Celia Cruz.

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2 thoughts on “Vandals Remove Crypts at Woodlawn Cemetery

  1. margaret o connell

    How disgusting and disgraceful, I sincerely hope these thieves are caught. They should be ashamed of themselves

    1. peter de luca

      this is a low beyond low. I remember years ago when they stole the tiffany windows from some. I’m 66 and I don’t know what has happened to this world. I was a 60’s kid and I thought I was wild by those times but I never saw the world getting this bad. no morals, beliefs, or self responsibility.

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