Andrew Sandler, Former CB7 District Manager, Passes Away

Andrew Sandler, Former CB7 District Manager, Passes Away

Andrew Michael Sandler, the young, baritone civil servant who poured his life to civil service, died on Aug. 5 from a monthslong battle with cancer. He was 31. His passing came three weeks after resigning as district manager for local Community Board 7, serving the northwest Bronx board for a year and a half.

“He was one of the rare ones who selflessly just wanted to help people,” said Stephanie Sandler, Andrew’s sister, who confirmed his death to the Norwood News.

Sandler was born on May 8, 1986 to parents Sandra and the late Albert Sandler, living his entire life in the Bronx. He attended Manhattan College in 2004, with ambitions working for government, even as dreams of being a comedian or filmmaker lurked within his periphery. He ultimately graduated with honors in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and government.

After interning at Congressman Eliot Engel’s office, Sandler found work as director of community affairs for then Councilman Oliver Koppell, representing the 11th Council District. His expertise in handling landlord-tenant cases, transportation issues and other quality of life matters helped Sandler remain in that post when Koppell’s successor, Councilman Andrew Cohen, took the helm representing the Norwood district.

“When he set his sights on taking on a problem, he was relentless,” Cohen told the Norwood News. “There’s no doubt he left the world a better place than when he found it.”

Between his community involvement and background in responding to citizen complaints in the northwest Bronx, Sandler’s transition as district manager for Community Board 7 appeared natural. Sandler maintained he had no political aspirations–the role of working behind the scenes appealed to him best.

Sandler was hired by Community Board 7 in January 2016. As most district manager job duties go, Sandler served as the go-between for city government and constituents. He kept a large presence within the board’s neighborhoods of Norwood, Bedford Park, Kingsbridge Heights, Fordham, and University Heights.

“We’ve been working together already and he hasn’t been on payroll,” Adaline Walker-Santiago, chair of Community Board 7, said in an interview with the Norwood News in January 2016.

In January 2017, Sandler took medical leave. He vowed to return to work, doing so on a part-time basis in June 2017. His condition soon gave away, having relied on a home health aide while working at the office. Sandler ultimately resigned from his job.

Funeral services for Sandler take place on Aug. 7 at Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home. Sandler is survived by his mother, sister, sister-in-law of Elizabeth Kountzman, aunt Yvette Sandler and uncle Ronald Wallach.

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20 thoughts on “Andrew Sandler, Former CB7 District Manager, Passes Away

  1. Lisa

    This is truly a sad turn of events. May God bless his family & comfort them during this difficult time. Rest in peace Andrew. 🙏🏽

  2. Jay soto

    Thanks for all your advice on housing.
    I. Cant believe you were ill when you were helping us so in piece.

  3. Vivian Carter

    Yes, Andrew was truly a dedicated public servant and a kind and generous person. He will be missed.

  4. Walter

    I knew Andrew since his days with CM Koppel; the consummate public servant, he possessed vigor and idealism when righting a wrong. He will be sorely missed in the borough he loved! Rest in peace my friend.

  5. Donna

    Rest in peace my friend. You left this world a better place. Thank you for your friendship! I’ll never forget the sincerity in all your actions concerning others. You were truly a man among men.

  6. Gjela

    Very sorry to hear this. Andrew was a dedicated public servant and a really nice guy. Very sad news.

  7. Eleanor Lundeen, Member Community Board 7

    Andrew Sandler was indeed a gracious man who worked with every ounce of strength for Community District 7. I am saddened that the complications of his work life would be highlighted in this article at the time of his death. Not only are the details inaccurate, but they do not reflect Andrew’s ability to work with over 30 members of the community board, a feat that for every member of the board involves multiple communications and miscommunications. He was fearless in working with all of us, and fearless in trying to return to work despite his illness. In this regard no one was more of an advocate for Andrew than Adaline Walker-Santiago. Let us remember the good life and many successes of Andrew Sandler, young and gone from us before his time.

  8. Crystal Baker-Grant

    Andrew Sandler, was a great fighter, you took on one of the toughest fight CB7 is a very challenging community but you took on challenged and did a great job. Andrew sad to say good but we meet again. R I P.

  9. Melissa

    A young man lost his life to a horrible disease. He fought for the people of the Bronx. I find it completely unnecessary that any personal conflict with another co-worker or his probation was even mentioned in this article.

  10. Jean rincon

    He was an unsung hero, the kind whose daily presence in our lives protects and preserves the best of our community, in thousands of small but powerful acts. I will miss him.

  11. Sharon quinlan

    So sorry for this terrible loss, Stephanie. He must have been an excellent human being. My love to you and your family.

  12. Alan Paul Katz

    Andrew Rest In Peace. May all the family and friends be comforted for this untimely death of a person whom I knew.

  13. Steven Bussell

    Sorry to hear such a nice person who was devoted to the Bronx. I knew him for a short time but we learned to count on each other when I was on several boards in the Bronx. He will be missed





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