Inquiring Photographer: War on Rats

Following the city’s announcement to combat rats through a $32 million initiative, this week we asked readers how bad the rat population is across the Bronx.

I just saw one run into Van Cortlandt Park and run down a hole. I see them sometimes; they come out of an alley and run onto Gun Hill Road. I do think it’s an epidemic. They say they don’t have enough inspectors, so they should hire some more. It’s ridiculous. There are kids in this park and people enjoying cookouts. It’s a beautiful park, but people see that and they’re afraid to come out.
Michael Elliott


There are a lot of rats around here, they cross the street right there. It is an epidemic. I see them along the Grand Concourse when I take the bus. They have to put out more poison.
Eleanor Berlman



The rat problem is definitely an epidemic. I see them in the subways, on the streets. It’s pretty bad. The D train is horrible over here on Kingsbridge; they’ll run right over your feet on the platform. I’d rather see cats than rats. As long as the cats aren’t being mistreated, I don’t see a problem with it. I’ve noticed where there are a lot of cats and urine…it’s a deterrent to the rats.
Ogoby Gonzalez
Crotona Park


When I take the trains I do see rats, but I don’t see them on the street, so I don’t know. Definitely [I see them] on the D train and along the Grand Concourse. I’ve never seen them on the number 4 train or out here. It’s a big shock to me that it is a big epidemic out here.
Ronald Rojas


It’s possibly an epidemic, but it’s a species of animal that’s going to be hard to eliminate. I don’t see them every day, but we see them, mostly on the trains.
Joey P
Mt. Hope


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