Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

The latest edition of the Norwood News, covering the Bronx, is out with plenty of community news you can use. Our 15th edition of the year runs for four weeks as the Norwood News takes a break from producing its print publication.

With that out of the way, we can start with the beginning…and page one! This week we look at illegal barbecues that swept through Mosholu Parkway during the July 4 weekend, and longtime residents rage over NYPD not enforcing the rules along the parkway. We hear from park advocates and police on could be done about it in the near future.

We then take a look at the resignation of Community Board 7 District Manager Andrew Sandler, who stepped down following a six-month medical leave. Find out what will happen going forward.

Devin Dae Tucker and I have two pieces on the town hall forum hosted by Mayor Bill de Blasio. One offers a broad view while the other takes a look at de Blasio’s position on an impending homeless shelter/affordable housing development happening in the Fordham section. Residents, as you might expect, are pretty unhappy about it.

We then have two special reports: Reggie Francois explores how much Norwood’s commercial landscapes have changed while Wendy Joan Biddlecombe, in part with the Center for Community & Ethnic Media (CCEM), presents a report on the state of health grades among Norwood’s restaurants.

The regular staples are in this monthlong edition–Inquiring Photographer, Neighborhood Notes, and Out & About–all there to tickle your cultural and civic interests over the next few weeks.

So take a look at the latest edition of the Norwood News, and you can always send thoughts my way,

We will also keep putting out original work on this news site, so please don’t hesitate in sending story pitches, complaints, compliments, our way.


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2 thoughts on “Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

  1. Aldo Rafael Perez

    The only reason its a problem is because they want stop the culture activities that represent that highway path. Is credit given to their support to placing flowers and beautifying the community 100% in support. But when Mexican Americans, Bangladeshi, Albanians, African Americans & Latinos utilize the park for family functions only its a problem. They planted trees in the middle of the highway to stop kids from playing football and soccer they taken the trash cans away and what they expect. What they should be doing is being tolerant of the growing immigrant population that is growing and work together than complaining.

    1. Me

      Were you dropped on your head as a child? NO ONE should be barbecuing where it’s not allowed! I don’t think the reasons need to be broken down to you.

      As for the area – hate to burst your bubble but that was always an immigrant area. Years ago it was the Russians, Irish, Germans and Austrians. No one was barbecuing and destroying the area.

      No one needs to be tolerant to anyone who doesn’t want to follow the rules. This isn’t about immigrants – it’s about obeying the damn law as well as enforcing it.

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