Reconstruction to Begin on Step Street in Kingsbridge

Reconstruction to Begin on Step Street in Kingsbridge
(L-R) COMMUNITY BOARD 8 chair Dan Padernacht, Bronx DOT Commissioner Nivardo Lopez, New York City Department of Design & Construction Action Commissioner Ana Barrio, and Councilman Fernando Cabrera hold a ceremonial groundbreaking that will revitalize the step street (background) in Kingsbridge.
Photo by Devin Tucker


A so-called step street in Kingsbridge is set to undergo a $6.6 million reconstruction following years of complaints.

The multi-agency operation between the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC), the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), and local officials united to “make the necessary upgrades that will allow this step street to flourish, and create a safer, more efficient passageway for the community,” according to DOT’s Bronx Borough Commissioner Nivardo Lopez.

Reconstruction to Begin on Step Street in Kingsbridge
A RENDERING OF how the step street will look following the reconstruction.

The 230-foot long step street, comprised of ten flights of concrete steps, connects Heath Avenue and Kingsbridge Terrace. It will be given a complete facelift that will include new features, such as granite steps, new lighting, trees, drainage and benches. The restoration will also include granite inclines flanked by the step street to allow cyclists to carry their bikes up and down the stairs easily.

To ensure public access and safety, the sidewalks will be widened at Heath Avenue and Kingsbridge Terrace and temporary wooden steps will be put in place for pedestrians throughout the construction.

The project came after several years of complaints by residents who saw the step street is slowly crumbling. Among those complaining was Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, who represents Kingsbridge.

“I first brought these particular step streets to DOT’s attention because I was so appalled at their terrible condition. I believe that this newly rebuilt step street will demonstrate how much communities can benefit from well maintained, well-lit pedestrian routes,” Dinowitz said.

The project is expected to wrap up in late-2018.

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  1. art baum

    that’s wonderful….” but more important..The dense mass populations.need open spaces and all the stores and restaurants etc..should have a consistant look!..make the sidewalks ‘cobble’ stone in sections..must get rid of ugly fronts on stores put in a few upscale classy stores after all the economy is growing there!.m more trees ala (Bloomberg )funding. the entry of large Malls of new stores should start funding these such as BJs,Staples,Garden Café,revitalizing .add.more designing artistic looking benchs!.. make a ‘section’ 0f ‘Staples parking lot a small grass ‘oval’ park with sculptures, benches and a spraying water fountain..put some trees with nice ”modern” fences at the ‘Stop and “Shop supermarket around the perimeters and keep areas open for entrances for delivery’s and cars…by the way the stores in Staples are an eyesore!.. it is the 21st century,not the 1950s so lets get started.. a neighbor hello””i know its not going to look like ‘Rockefeller Center’ but lets give it a try!!…

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