Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!Dear Fellow Readers!

The twelfth edition of the Norwood News covering the Bronx, is out with plenty of community news you can use! While we normally begin with page one, we want to divert your attention to page 8 and the paper’s winning of a New York Press Club Award. The award went to our coverage of efforts to stop overdevelopment in Bedford Park following an eviction of building tenants. So proud of how far we’ve come to put our name out there! Especially grateful to Daniela Beasley, Deborah Cruz and Adi Talwar for sharing in the prize! Read the series that got us the prize!

Now, we bring you back to our regularly scheduled rundown. We begin with page one and efforts by the city to clamp down on parking placard abuse. Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement in the Bronx. How does a watchdog Twitter account feel about the new initiative aimed at enforcing proper parking placard use? Read the stories here!

Inside the cover we bring you an update to the ongoing mailbox fishing theft case sweeping the Bronx. Through a Freedom of Information Act request the paper had obtained a breakdown of which mailboxes have slit covers to make it safer to send out mail filled with checks. Also, read our take on why the Bronx District Attorney and United States Postmaster should put this on their priority list. As it stands, it doesn’t seem to.

We also have a neat story on a reading initiative, the NYPD combatting lush workers, and construction issues by a well-known building developer. As usual, we have the usual staples–Inquiring Photographer, Neighborhood Notes, and Out & About–to keep you informed and pique your interest!

Feel free to send an email my way, I always like to hear from folks while also generating some nice story ideas.

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