Inquiring Photographer: The MTA’s Plan to Improve Service

This week we asked readers their thoughts on the performance of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) subway and bus service in light of a six-point plan to decrease delays.

I spent four hours this weekend on the train and it should have taken less than two. The D train was re-routed; there was no messages posted, so I didn’t know where I was going to get back to the Bronx. So it took me four hours. There seems to be some consistency because it’s always happening. You pay more, but the service stays poor.
Lola Ferrer


I think it’s remained pretty much the same, honestly. It’s hard to hear the announcements, so you could get lost. I have to pay attention on the weekends to make sure I don’t get lost. Even though I’m from here, I can still get lost. I feel like they do a lot of unnecessary things, like we don’t need to charge our phones, it’s not a priority. Keeping the fare low, yes. Yes because I think it’s going to be $3 soon. It’s way too much.
Kayla Brun
Hells Kitchen, Manhattan

First of all, it’s too expensive. I think they actually should roll back the fare like it used to be; 25 cents, or even 10 cents. The D train is always great, but when it comes to transferring, you’re stuck. We all have lives and the MTA is screwing all of us over.
Geovanni Cedeno


There’s just too many things going on with the transit system, so you’re late for work. There’s always some kind of mischief or some type of new construction causing delays. They raise the fare and the service gets worse. Last night I had to take the 4 train downtown just to come back uptown. It’s crazy, the MTA just has to do better.
Elijah Reel
Van Cortlandt Park


The system is running horribly. They keep raising the price and nothing has gotten better on the buses or especially the trains.  The trains are worse than the buses, especially in the Bronx. They need to upgrade the D train; those are old trains. There’s always train traffic delays on the D train and you have the kids dancing, performing. It’s horrible.
Shadasia Glenn
Fordham Heights


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