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This week we asked readers their thoughts on President Donald Trump’s revised Executive Order calling on a temporary ban of citizens from six largely Muslim countries.

It’s basically the same thing. He’s still targeting certain countries, even though Iraq is no longer on the ban, but it’s really the same thing. It’s just that this time he’s going through the proper protocols. I support protecting our borders and I believe there are rules, there are ways to come into this country. However, I don’t think it should just target certain countries and not just mainly minority countries.

Marie Destin



They just have to check people who are applying for visas, check their records if they’ve been a criminal or if they’ve been with any kind of terrorist group. Terrorists don’t just come from the Middle East; they can come from anywhere in the world. You shouldn’t just split families because I have my two kids who are U.S. citizens and their mom is stuck in Africa, not even in Yemen. I’ve paid $70,000 just to keep them eating for one year. Imagine if I could have spent that $70,000 here in America.

Mohamad Quteibi

Bedford Park


I feel that it should not be the way it is. I feel that people should be able to come in when they want. I don’t feel that it supports America. I feel that it mostly hurts America because the United States is based on people coming back and forth since the beginning of time. I’ve heard that travel to America is down and it’s hurting the economy.

Ronald McDaniel

Throggs Neck


I think in a way it’s good because illegal immigration is making the economy drop. You see all of these people are making their money here and they’re sending all of the money that they make here and send it to their countries, and it’s hurting the economy. I didn’t vote for Trump, but some of his ideas I support.

Juan Larregui



I think the travel ban really doesn’t work for a lot of people, but unfortunately these things do happen and if you don’t have any money or a green card you’re in trouble. I really don’t support it.

Walter Ramirez



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