Inquiring Photographer: $85 Billion New York City Budget

This week we asked readers their thoughts on what should be included in the proposed $85 billion New York City budget.

I think it’s very important for the de Blasio Administration to fund transportation, education, health issues and children’s health and education, and to fund local colleges. There isn’t enough money being spent on higher education and money should also be allocated for senior citizens.
Grace Chanke


This money should go to people in need, like people on public assistance because they really need it to help pay their rent and buy food. They should spend some of this money creating jobs and putting people back to work.
Fermin Torres
Bedford Park



They should direct some of this money to people with small business in the area. Jobs are number one because everyone is looking for a job. I think they waste money on a lot of things. [A]n example is the MTA. They put so much money into it, but it’s not clean and it’s not getting any better, and the price keeps going up. So it does not make sense. It’s a problem.
Samb Conteh


I think they’re spending the money all right. The money should be spent on services for the people like the subway and the buses and the cleaning of the streets, and things like that. I think the services are good with the MTA, they provide a good service. I do think the mayor is spending too much money on politics and litigation.
Rafael Rodriguez


The government is losing money because immigrant citizens can’t find work because too many illegal aliens are working and the owners of those businesses are getting rich and it’s just not good. The money should be spent on health care because people don’t have it. It should be $20 to a doctor’s visit, not $100. The money should go to health care and education.
Melissa Thompson

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