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With winter settled in, and temperatures plunging, this week we asked readers their thoughts on the current homeless crisis.

Inq_Photo-1Well, I still think there are a lot of homeless on the streets and when I go to White Plains Road, there’s this one lady who’s been there for at least 10 years. She sits in front of Key Food supermarket and it’s a shame. Lots of times I give her a dollar, but she’s still there. I think it’s a good idea to get them off the streets. I don’t think anyone should be out in the cold and to go without food or proper clothing.
Dotty Sharff

Inq_Photo-2I have been seeing less homeless on the street. There has been quite a number of homeless and it’s gone down considerably, so I do think it’s improving. I think during the cold weather there should be more shelters that they can go to even if it’s just for a day.
Hector Rodriguez

Inq_Photo-3I feel that I see more people on the street that are homeless. You see it in their face that they are needing and asking all the time for a dollar and they don’t have a place to stay, but they do need clothing and food. I see them at Jacobi Hospital on a 24-hour basis and it’s a big problem. With so many giving, there’s always going to be a problem of corruption.
Raymond Villano
Pelham Parkway

Inquiring Photographer PictureI think (former Mayor Michael) Bloomberg hid them and now that he’s out of office, they’re somehow being let out. I take the trains every day and I see them everywhere. It’s out of control; people are always asking me for money. What can the city really do? I read somewhere that they’re going to have shelters for teenagers and if you were homeless, would you really want to be in the shelter? You’d be better off trying to live in a park or wherever you can go to survive. I’m sure the shelters are unpleasant. It’s a sad situation.
Steve Bobker
Van Cortlandt Park South

Inq_Photo-5To be honest with you, there are more homeless now than ever before I think. I see them everywhere and people would rather play Lotto than buy them a slice of pizza. The city tries to do the best it can, but it’s also up to the homeless to accept the help and go into the shelters. A shelter is never safe and they carry everything they own with them.
Mike Marquez


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