Digital Edition of the Norwood News Is Out!

Norwood News Vol. 28 No. 22
To our faithful readers,

The latest edition of the Norwood News is out and hitting the stands as we write, with plenty (and we do mean plenty) of community news you can use.

We go to the epicenter of Norwood, Williamsbridge Oval Park, where football practice has to be cut short for one club that’s working on its plays without any adequate lights. Requests from club organizers have gone unchecked. Read how no lights is impacting their game.

We also delve into a growing trend that’s happening across the Bronx: priced out commercial tenants. For rent signs are popping up in commercial establishments, and one lobbying group is hoping to reverse that by compelling legislators to enact the Small Business Jobs Survival Act. Worth a read.

We then have musings on the Vision Zero plan, cool outings in Out & About, and community services in Neighborhood Notes. We also have reflections on the dismal voter turnout in the Bronx, which has a severe impact on voters who stay home. Learn why.

The rundown is but a quarter of what we have in the latest edition of the Norwood News. Check it out. Share it on social media, with your buddies, and learn what’s happening in the community.

Til then!

David Cruz
Norwood News

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