Prostitutes Still in Bronx

The Bronx has the largest number of known public street locations for prostitution in the city, and yet according to the citywide arrest statistics they have the lowest number of arrests for this crime. The locations include: West Farms area and East Tremont Avenue, St. James Park, Hunts Points, Bronx Terminal Market, Jerome Avenue between Gun Hill Road and Woodlawn, East 241st Street and White Plains Road, Jerome Avenue from 4 a.m. until 7 a.m. between Fordham Road and Kingsbridge Road, Westchester Square and East 233rd Street and the New England Thruway area.

The Office of the Patrol Borough Bronx has over 25 officers from the ranks of police officer to deputy chief who could address this condition without impacting the patrol precincts. The personnel there perform important clerical work, however, I’m sure all would agree taking them out two days a month to address these locations would have a positive impact on the quality of life in the Bronx. I would like to see a focus on the “john” customer who keeps this illegal activity going. The seizure of their cars and printing their names in newspapers would be a powerful deterrent to future customers. The Bronx should be leading the city with arrests for this crime and this letter should be the mandate to insure that.


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6 thoughts on “Prostitutes Still in Bronx

  1. Vito

    Problem is most of the prostitutes are black. The latin and white prostitutes charge more. So if you aint got a stack you gotta go black.

  2. John

    I frequent the area and make usage of the prostitutes. They have to make a living just like everyone else.

  3. Danny

    Yo leave them they have to make money I found one on gun hill road near where I live and she was fine so I brought her yea black one cost less but I had to cut one white crazy on talkin bout $50 for a blowjob hell no I got that for free

  4. thaddeus buttmunch md

    If Drugs were legal there would BE no hoes in the modern society!

    If higher class hoes were legal things would be better

  5. Anonomous

    I was just searching to where prostitues hung out because one day i forgot my phone in my husbands car when i gps locator found it in a motel in 240 street i didnt get there soon enough but only when he was driving in the same block didnt have to much evidence to confront him but investigation is on going !!!

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