Inquiring Photographer: School Stabbing

Following the first killing in a New York City Public School reportedly in 25 years, we asked readers: Besides the newly installed metal detectors, what could have prevented this tragedy?  They should have seen the situation clearly, knowing that the school didn’t have metal detectors. This kid was bullied and everybody knew about it. The school, security and police should have all gotten together, like Bob Marley said, “One Love,” because we’re all one together. I think it would have been much better if they had talked to the kid. I was bullied myself; my mother taught me how to fight,

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Crime File: Suspect Chucks Credit Card Reader at Victim

The Norwood News’ Crime File takes a look at some high profile cases the NYPD needs help with. This week there are cases involving a credit card reader used as a weapon, a $22000 grand larcenist, and a wallet thief.

Neighborhood Notes

The Norwood News’ Neighborhood Notes section has a listing of services that include organ donation signup, free WiFi for students, and SAFE Disposal events.

Latest Edition of the Norwood News is Out!

Hello fellow readers, The latest edition of the Norwood News, covering the Norwood section of the Bronx and its surrounding communities, is out with its 19th edition of the year. We’ve crammed a variety of news in this 16-page paper so strap in! We begin with page one and continued pressure from local Community Board 7 to have a proposed homeless shelter (just a proposal)  relocated to a different part of Norwood. Hear what parents of a school that rest diagonally across the proposed homeless shelter have to say about that. We then turn to inside-the-cover news and a proposal

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Editorial: Good or Bad, We’ll Have Four More Years of de Blasio

Even in the face of his shady campaign finance practices, alleged pay to play scheme, propensity for exercise during work hours, and now his aggressive plan to place homeless shelters in every neighborhood, there’s a strong chance we will have four more years of Mayor Bill de Blasio after the Sept. 12 primary. This year’s race is what former politics writer and newsman Bob “Kappy” Kappstatter, now working for a Bronx elected, said to the Norwood News: “It’s an election made in heaven for the mayor.” Here’re a couple of reasons why: No recognizable challengers vying for the mayoral seat.

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Crime File: Stabbing Near Oval, Serial Bronx Robber Wanted

Man Stabbed Near Oval  A man has been arrested for stabbing someone near Oval Park, just after an outdoor movie screening that attracted plenty of families. Police say the victim was stabbed in front of 3106 Bainbridge Ave. around 9 p.m. on Aug. 30 after a gang-related argument. Witnesses could later hear a helicopter hovering around the neighborhood as cops from the 52nd Precinct tracked the stabber. The victim was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital and was listed in critical condition. Meantime, police say they’ve arrested one person and five others in connection to the incident. A source tells the Norwood News

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